Specifically designed to fit menu cards, menu size laminating pouches provide protection and protection for menu cards. These pouches are typically larger than standard business card laminating pouches, and are designed to fit menu cards. As with other laminating pouches, these pouches are made of clear plastic and sealed around the edges for protection. Keeping menu cards protected against spills, stains, and wear and tear makes them last longer and maintain their appearance.


Best Menu Size Laminating Pouches

Protect Your Menu Card from Wear And Tear, Spills, Dust Accumulation, And Moisture Damage By buying menu size laminating pouches online. 

Fellowes Hot Menu Size Laminating Pouches

The Fellowes Menu Size Laminating Pouches are made of high-quality materials that provide exceptional performance and a great value. All pouches include a lifetime warranty and are backed by our complete satisfaction guarantee. Our pouches are designed to make every job easier, so you don’t have to worry about any special care or handling.

Oregon Lamination Premium large menu size laminating pouches

Protect and enhance your image with the highest quality lamination pouches available. Oregon Lamination Premium brand is among industry leaders in providing quality laminating supplies for a reasonable price. Our laminating pouches provide the best price value in quality plastic laminating supplies with heat activated adhesive compatible in all thermal pouch laminators capable of sealing 3 mil 12×18 laminating pouches. Our laminator pouches come with a money back guarantee. 

Swingline GBC Laminating Sheets, Thermal Laminating Speed Pouches Menu Size

The UltraClear Thermal Laminating Pouches feature a high density of durable paper. The UltraClear Thermal Laminating Pouches are perfect for displaying or professional use, producing documents that are both bright and durably protected against wear and tear. The glossy finish and clear results make your documents stand out. This lamination process produces a durable product with excellent clarity. The text and images on these documents are protected from fading and wear and tear. The text and images will remain bold over time. The text details and image colors will remain bright and vivid.