HP Laserjet 1020 Printer Price, Reviews, Details

It’s time to buy a printer. You want it to be compatible with your PC and Mac, have Wi-Fi connectivity, high-quality print photos and last you for years. That sounds like the HP Laserjet 1020! The HP Laserjet 1020 is a multifunction laser printer that prints, copies, scans and faxes all in one machine. With the capability to print up to 22 pages per minute black or 18 pages per minute colour, this machine will fit any office needs from small businesses to large corporations. Also included in this printer is an automatic duplexer, which eliminates paper waste by printing on both sides of the page. This saves money on printing over time while producing professional-looking documents. 

HP laserjet 1020 has a sleek design that fits into any office or home environment. Due to its compact size, it occupies minimal space while still printing effectively.

HP laserjet 1020 is ideal for Enterprise/Business, Frequent users (for fast, high-quality printing)

the primary function of hp laserjet 1020 is a Color Laser Printer, Copier, scan, fax

A variety of options are available with HP Laserjet 1020 multifunction printers, from mobile printing to emailing. As a result, you can take your documents anywhere and print them whenever is convenient for you.

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Multifunctional, Affordable, Connectivity & Mobile Capabilities

The HP LaserJet 1020 has been praised for its user-friendly interface and short warm-up time by consumers. It also prints very efficiently using a minimum amount of toner in the cartridge, which helps save money. Consumers’ primary complaint about the HP laserjet 1020 printer was paper handling issues that required frequent maintenance cleaning.

HP Laserjet 1020 printer is a fast and versatile printer that, for its price, supports many features such as wireless connectivity and mobile printing. It has meagre running costs, which is an exceptional feature in this price range.


  • fast warm-up time
  • cheap hp toner refill
  • cheap hp toner cartridges
  • cheap printer ink cartridge


  • paper jam issue
  • paper handling issues
  • requires frequent maintenance cleaning

Why should you buy an HP laserjet 1020 printer?

If you’re a teacher or student or need a printer for official projects, hp laserjet 1020 is a great choice. It produces high-quality text and image outputs with vivid colours, ensuring perfect compatibility with Mac, Windows, Linux systems.

HP LaserJet printers are known for their reliability and low cost per page (bought separately). The HP laserjet 1020 is no exception to this rule, with the added benefit of wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi, making it easier than ever to connect to your printer without having to attach cables every time you want to print something. The compact design takes up less space than most desktop printers while still producing 22 pages per minute in both colour and black & white.

Why to buy Dual Tray Laser Printer?

Will HP 1020 work with Windows 10?

Yes, HP 1020 will work with Windows 10.

Will this printer work the same when paired with a Mac?

The hp laserjet 1020 is compatible with both Mac and Windows when used wirelessly (Wi-Fi). If your main reason for getting the HP LaserJet 1020 is wireless connectivity, then yes, it would be compatible with a Mac in that sense. 

How do I connect my phone to my HP Laserjet 1020 plus?

To connect your phone to the printer, first, turn on both devices and make sure they are turned on.

As a first step, you must establish a shared connection between the two devices you want to connect, in this case, your HP LaserJet 1020 Plus and your smartphone.

  After your shared connection has been established, you will need some form of cord that can support the transfer of data from one device to another, such as Apple’s Lightning USB Cable or some other cable that works with both types of devices (Apple/Android). Once you have this cable, plug it into both devices and open up any document or photo on your phone that you wish to print out onto paper using the HP Laserjet 1020 Plus. Follow the instructions and print them. 

How to connect hp laserjet 1020 plus printer to mobile?

Take these steps to connect hp laserjet 1020 plus printer to mobile phone

  • Download the HP Print Service Plugin from the App store and install it on the phone
  • Get the WiFi Direct printer name Use the app to print
  • Select your printer
  • Wait for connection and print in the final step

What’s the price of an HP laserjet 1020 printer?


hp laserjet 1020 price

Where can you buy an HP laserjet 1020 printer?

You can buy hp laserjet 1020 printers on Amazon, eBay and other similar websites or marketplaces. Have a look at the link below to find the best price for your desired product.

how to print both sides of paper in hp laserjet 1020?

  1. In first step, you’ve to open the document, go to file and click print.
  2. In second step, select your printer, go to printer properties>preferences or printer setup
  3. In third step, select the option for two-sided print from print settings
  4. In final step, Click print and wait for the print to come from the HP Laserjet 1020 Printer.

how many pages can hp laserjet 1020 print?

HP Laserjet 1020 can print up to 22 pages per minute in color or black & white both easily. It is a multifunction printer.

Overall, the hp laserjet 1020 is one of the top multifunction printers providing excellent features such as wireless connectivity, compact design and low cost per page. It prints up to 22 pages per minute in colour or black & white, making it an ideal choice for home office users, students and teachers who print often and rarely need it.


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