why is my laminator not feeding

Why is my Laminator not Feeding – Reasons, Problems and Solution

Why is my laminator not feeding?

There are a few reasons that your laminating machine isn’t feeding. For one, most laminating machines are turned off when they’re not. Then there are the factors related to the machine itself, such as the speed or pressure of the feed. Lastly, you might be using a too hot or too cold machine. To solve these problems, here are a few tips.

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why is my amazonbasics, fellowes, scotch pro laminator not feeding?

Use the right temperature.

Before feeding the pouches, always ensure that your laminator is at the right temperature to feed. If everything is set and you see the light, you can feed pouches. 

Don’t feed pouches forcefully.

Never feed pouches forcefully that can cause a jam and cause many other problems. Before doing so, make sure to use it properly and proceed with it. 

Restart the laminator machine 

If your laminator is not feeding, you can restart your laminator as you do with other electronic products. You do the same with your products like smartphones computers if they don’t work properly, you can try a laminator. It might work for you. Feeding problems might be occurring due to lack of use for a long time or other hardware problems. 

Get a new laminator machine.

If all of the tricks above don’t work for you, it’s time to get a new laminator machine. Before buying a new laminator machine, you can take it to the person who fixes it. If it still doesn’t work, get a new laminator machine. 

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What to do if the machine doesn’t feed through at all

If the machine doesn’t feed through at all, you can try to warm up the machine a bit before feeding it again. If that fails, you can put fresh air into the machine or put some film onto the arm to help it start and complete the feed. If you have a fellowes laminator or scotch pro laminator or amazon basics laminator and facing feeding issues, you can always try the tricks above and try to solve the problems. Hope this helps you. 

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