Why is my Laminator Jamming?

Why is my Laminator Jamming?

How To Fix A Jamming Laminator

Jamming is a serious issue. You’ve probably heard of it, but you don’t know how to prevent it. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to fix a jamming laminator.

When a laminator jams, it is usually because the item being processed is too thick for the device. You might have laminated a three-dimensional item or the pouch is too thick. Try turning on the machine, putting it in reverse mode, and gently pulling the pouch up.

First, make sure that your laminator is working properly. If it’s not, you can try the following:

If the pouch you’ve inserted inside laminator doesn’t come out from the other side, best solution is to run the laminator in reverse and take out pouch from the front of the machine.

Why is my Laminator Jamming?

There might be two big reasons of pouch laminator causing jam.

  1. Placing the laminating pouch against the sealed edge first.
  2. Running a laminator machine at high temperature.

When you see a jam, smoke or smell burning plastic odor do not immediately attempt to remove the pouch. When you see such things, you can immediately turn off the laminator and let your laminator to cool down. When everything seems fine, you can remove pouch from the machine and re-use the machine again.

How do I prevent pouch laminator jams?

Best thing to keep your laminator life longer is to match the perfect temperature to the pouch thickness.

Laminating pouches must always be inserted into the pouch laminator with the sealed edge facing down! This helps air properly pushed out of the pouch and pouch doesn’t buckle during the laminating process.

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