how to use laminating pouches

How to use laminating pouches?

If you’ve got a project coming up and are looking for an easy way to protect documents and keep them organized, consider using laminating pouches.

When you purchase our laminate pouches, you’ll get a product that’s ready to use right away. No assembly required! These laminating pouches come with a thick, clear film covering that protects the pouch contents from damage, and they are completely waterproof. So whether you’re using them to protect a

  • Passes and ID Cards
  • Membership cards for clubs and societies
  • Education aids
  • Menus at restaurants
  • Posters and notices
  • Papers and documents of a professional nature
  • Photographs and pictures
  •  Letters to friends and family
  • Guides and aids for presentations

pouches will protect your document easily.

How to use pouches for laminating?

It’s great to know these things before you know how to use laminating pouches.

step by step process to use laminating pouches

  • Be certain that your project will fit inside the pouches.
  • Always make the pouches larger than the project.
  • Make sure your pouch laminator is large enough to accommodate the thickness of the pouch when picking the size.
  • Pouches range from 3 to 10 millimeters thick.
  • The corners of all laminating pouches are rounded.
  • There are certain pouches with side slots that are already punched.

Steps by step process to use laminating pouches

It’s easy to use laminating pouches. Before that you need to make sure what to use with the document whether it’s roll or sheets. If you’re experienced you can proceed with the roll but if you’re not, we recommend you to go with laminating sheets. If you do this, you’ll avoid the problem of pouch jam in a laminator.

If you use too much heat to roll pouches, there’s a chances of damaging the roll.

When you’re planning to buy pouches, you’ll find different kind of pouches like 80 Microns, 125 Microns, 175 Microns which is more thicker. The more thick pouch you use, the better result you’re going to get. The chance of pouches getting stucked in the laminator machine is very low.

Steps to use laminating pouches

  1. Choose the proper Pouches.
  2. Open the pouch and place the project inside.
  3. Align each edge.
  4. after that, insert the pouch into the bag.
  5. Place the pouch inside the laminating device.
  6. Take away the carrier
  7. Unveil the laminated document open.

These steps to use a laminator pouch at home or anywhere is as easy as it seems. Just follow these steps and you’ll get the perfect results. Happy Laminating.

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