How to Laminate One Side of Paper

How to Laminate One Side of Paper

How to do one sided lamination is not too complicated. There are two ways to do it, and both of them are quite simple and effective. You can also use kraft paper to achieve this goal. However, you can also use two lamination rolls. One lamination role will serve as a backing, while the second roll can be used to laminate your projects.

How to Laminate One Side of Paper

You can use these two ways to laminate one side of the paper.

Use Two Lamination Rolls to laminate One side of paper

Lamination can be performed using two lamination rolls. There is no problem loading a project and backing roll simultaneously. To prevent any adhesive from sticking to the top roll of the machine, the lamination roll should be sized to fit your project.

Use Kraft Paper to laminate one side of paper

A second method involves using kraft paper. In order to prevent the adhesive from sticking to the top roll of your machine, you use paper. If the rolls are the same size, you can laminate them easily. The same laminator can be used for different-sized projects, for instance.

As Kraft Paper is quite versatile, it is generally considered a highly effective medium for lamination. It comes in various sizes, can be laminated with multiple film types, and can even be used as a substrate for the film. Despite its apparent simplicity, the two-film-roll system offers more versatility than one might think. As a result, you can laminate the film rolls with different films and use them for various purposes.

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