fellowes laminating pouches 5mil

Fellowes Laminating Pouches

Fellowes Laminating Pouches are perfect to


  • Write Erase
  • Easy to use
  • Preserve and protect Documents

If you have a job where you need to keep documents or records from getting damaged, then you will want to use thermal laminating pouches.

It’s no surprise that Fellowes has been providing quality products over the past 10 decades and is able to be the first choice of thousands of people. Everyone wants their document to be safe, clear, and bubble free. Fellowes Thermal Laminating Pouches provide you with all that. Here is why you should use Fellowes Thermal Laminating Pouches Letter Size Sheets, 5ML.

Reasons to use Fellowes Thermal Laminating Pouches, 5ml​

Write and Erase

Fellowes Laminating pouches come in different sizes. You can use them for notes, drawings, photos, and much more. You can use dry-erase markers to write notes or mark up these Fellowes laminating pouches.

Preserve and Protect Documents

We have many types of folders in our homes and offices. But some of them tend to get old and worn. As a result, they begin to look bad and lose their color. Also, they can become brittle. In addition, paper documents can become hard to read if they are old and dry. It is best to use Fellowes laminating pouches to protect paper documents from damage. You can easily carry all of your documents and files with you wherever you go.

Easy to Use

It is easy to use these Fellowes Laminating Pouches. Just open the pouch, place the file in the opening, close the pouch and place it on the laminator. Then, put the laminating sheet on the pouch and close the pouch again. Your file will be laminated as soon as you close the pouch. There are many brands of these pouches.

Here’s the complete guide on how to use laminating pouches?

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Yes, Fellowes Laminator Pouches are also good for protecting photos. 

Most commonly, 3 mil pouches are used for flexible, occasionally touched items like posters, whereas 5 mil pouches offer more strength for items like restaurant menus that are handled frequently. Depending on your needs for laminating, you can utilize Fellowes Laminating pouches.

These high-quality laminating pouches are durable and transparent to allow you to see the contents clearly, whether for personal use or work-related use. The unique pouch shape and high-quality film provide clarity and strength. Use these laminating pouches for protecting and preserving documents, photos, and other valuable information. Simply remove the content and re-laminate when needed.


Fellowes laminating pouches are transparent, so you can see the contents clearly, whether you are using them for personal or work purposes. The unique pouch shape and high-quality film provide clarity and strength. If you want to laminate photos, you can place them inside the Fellowes laminating pouches and use them as photo protectors or other similar use.