Business Card Laminating Pouches

Business card laminating pouches are small plastic sleeves or sheets that protect and preserves a business card. The card is encapsulated in a protective barrier made of clear plastic that is heat-sealed around the edges. In addition to preventing the card from being damaged or worn over time, this can also enhance its durability and longevity. It is also possible to laminate other small items, such as ID cards, pictures, and documents, using the same laminating pouches we use to laminate business cards.


Best Business Card Laminating Pouches

Protect Your Business Card from Wear And Tear, Spills, Dust Accumulation, And Moisture Damage By buying business card laminating pouches online. 

Scotch Thermal Business Laminating Pouches

These clear thermal pouches will protect any paper item or product from damage, and allow you to place them directly on top of your business card, license, or other paper product to ensure a clear image for business. Also great for storing your library card, insurance card, or any other document that needs protection. These pouches come in a 20 pack and are easy to use. Simply cut out the pouch, place it on your business card or document, and laminate.

GBC Thermal Laminating pouches for business card size

These GBC Business Card Laminating pouches have a clear, glossy finish for vibrant colors and crisp images. The flexible pouch allows the laminate to conform to the shape of the document without cracking.