Laminator machine is useful tool in office for several purposes. Laminators are used in many ways, such as for binding books, documents, sheets and many more. They are a handy item for every office and can be easily found in any store. There are many types of laminator machines available in the market. Before purchasing any, it is very important to understand the features and advantages of each type of office laminator machine.

Office Laminator machine is a device that heats up the sheets of paper and glue them together to form a single piece of paper. It is a useful tool that is widely used in offices. The most common use of a laminator machine is to bind the pages of books or newspapers. Many books are sold with glued bindings and many newspapers have bound sections. A laminator is required for such binding. Other uses of a laminator machine are for creating labels, stickers, cards and envelopes. There is also a laminator machine that can glue together the covers of books.

Things to consider before buying Office Laminating Machine

5 Best Laminating Machine for Office

  • Fellowes Proteus 125 Laminator for Office Use

Fellowes Proteus 125 Laminator is a professional-quality laminator with features that set it apart from other models in its price range. This laminator heats up quickly and has a wide, adjustable paper feed that lets you laminate a variety of different materials. It has an adjustable temperature setting and a reverse mode to center the laminated material if it is misaligned. The machine has a 13” paper entry width, which is ideal for most business documents.

Fellowes Laminator Proteus 125 Laminating Machine

  • Mead Laminator, Thermal, HeatSeal PRO Lamination Machine

The Mead HeatSeal PRO is a professional laminator that is designed to simplify the process of laminating your favorite photos, documents, and more. With its versatile functionality and a warm-up time of only three minutes, you can easily and quickly get started with your lamination projects. The HeatSeal PRO features a two-sided design, allowing you to laminate your images on both sides of a 3 mil or 5 mil pouch. In addition to the standard pouches, the HeatSeal PRO comes with five pre-aligned pouches for a quick start to any project. The alignment grid and directional arrow make it easy to line up and center items. The HeatSeal PRO includes a jam release lever to quickly clear jams or misfed pouches. Simply disengage the pouch, re-center or remove, and get back to your project. The white and gray Mead HeatSeal PRO comes with a two-year warranty.

Mead Laminator, Thermal, HeatSeal PRO Lamination Machine

  • Business Source 12" Professional Document Laminator

The Business Source 12″ laminator is designed to meet the needs of businesses and schools. This four-roller laminating system provides consistent even temperature to ensure high-quality lamination and help eliminate wrinkles and bubbles. The professional laminator features a powerful, durable motor that provides continuous lamination. A soft-touch panel controls the temperature adjustment and provides a convenient way to set the desired temperature. The laminator is equipped with an automatic cooling system that continues to rotate the rollers after lamination to protect the rollers from overheating. This unit offers fast, convenient lamination and is ideal for school projects, menus, ID badges and other paper documents.

Business Source 12 Professional Document Laminator

  • Fellowes Spectra 125 for Office Laminator

The Fellowes Spectra 125 Laminator is designed for small offices, and it is perfect for a variety of applications. The laminator is small in size, making it a convenient option for traveling. It features a slim, sleek design and a lightweight design, making it easy to carry. It is ideal for use in the home and in small offices. The laminator has a built-in auto shut off, which saves energy and prevents overheating. This laminator features a release lever on the back of the unit to easily remove or re-center your documents. The Spectra laminator is compatible with standard laminating films and paper sizes, as well as specialty laminating materials, including laminated plastic bags, envelopes, and labels. This laminator heats up in four minutes and runs for approximately 50 minutes.

Fellowes Spectra™ 125 Laminator

  • Fellowes Callisto 125 Office Laminator Machine

Callisto 125 is a convenient and economical solution for small office applications. Its compact design makes it ideal for mobile use. It is designed to accept a variety of pouches and documents including 3 or 5-mil pouches, A4, letter, legal, envelopes and many others. Its HotSwap Technology allows you to change from one pouch to another without having to wait. It comes with a variety of accessories, including a case, a paper cutter, a letter opener, a staple remover and a letter opener. It also features an InstaHeat Technology, which quickly warms up in just one minute. The Callisto 125 laminator is designed for rapid lamination and is easy to operate. It also has a reverse function, which enables you to disengage the pouch for re-centering or removal. Auto shut-off prevents overheating when not in use.

Fellowes Callisto 125 Laminator

What is your best Office Laminator?

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